Thursday, June 27, 2013

Russian Defense Ministry denies reports on military withdrawal from Syrian Tartus

Voice of Russia
"Today, Russian Ministry of Defence asserted that the previous reports on the withdrawal of Russian personnel from the state's military base in Syrian Tartus are false. "Yesterday's media reports on the withdrawal of Russian personnel from the Syrian port of Tartus are completely untrue," the Defense Ministry said in an official statement today. Wednesday noon numerous news orgs reported that Russia has withdrawn its military personnel from Syria, leaving its strategic military center of Tartus, due to the increasing security threats in the country. AFP reported there were no Russian troops or civilian personnel in Syria. "

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bank Of China Declares Moratorium On Transfers, Online Banking; Counters Inoperable

"Following the ICBC, the Bank of China also go awryagain. This morning, the Bank of China Bank of transfer moratorium, online banking, counters are inoperable."
"Update: Customer service said, now silver futures transfer service has been fully suspended, online banking, the counter can not be handled, and now has the background system response, recovery time is not yet known"

CHINA market plunge

1,963.24 -109.86 (-5.30%) Jun 24 - Close
Shanghai market:"Following yesterday's unprecedented formal announcement of epic capital misallocation, the PBOC tried to continue the damage control when a few hours ago it announced that Chinese banking system liquidity "is at a reasonable level", but that banks must control liquidity risks from fast capital expansion, especially credit expansion, according to a statement on management of banks’ liquidity on website. The implication: no easing any time soon, and sure enough no repo or reverse repo activity was logged in the overnight session meaning Chinese banks, for the time being, continue to be on their own, without any hope of the central bank stepping in to bail them out."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

French against arming Syrian militants: Poll

Some 61 percent of respondents to an opinion poll in France have opposed sending military aid to militants fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


"The marches began this month with an isolated protest in Sao Paulo against a small increase in bus and subway fares. The demonstrations initially drew the scorn of many middle-class Brazilians after protesters vandalized storefronts, subway stations and buses on one of the city's main avenues. The movement quickly gained support and spread to other cities as police used heavy-handed tactics to quell the demonstrations. The biggest crackdown happened on Thursday in Sao Paulo when police fired rubber bullets and tear gas in clashes that injured more than 100 people, including 15 journalists, some of whom said they were deliberately targeted. Other common grievances at Monday's marches included corruption and the inadequate and overcrowded public transportation networks that Brazilians cope with daily. POLICE SHOW RESTRAINT The harsh police reaction to last week's protests touched a nerve in Brazil, which endured two decades of political repression under a military dictatorship that ended in 1985."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Picture from Turkey protest

Protesters in Istanbul find refuge in Divan Hotel
"140journos 140journos 6h 3:25, # Istanbul # Taksim in the infirmary and the demonstrators Divan Hotel accommodation for the area has transformed many times. Details Reply Retweet Favorite Original text "

Monday, June 10, 2013

Turkey protests continue Erdogan losing support

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc)
"Protests in Turkey with demands that the Erdogan Administration and President Abdullah Gül step down are entering the second week. The Erdogan administration is severely weakened as even ardent supporters begin questioning his authoritarian leadership style and his attempt to rewrite Turkish history.
On Saturday, thousands of protesters in Ankara rallied in Kugulu Park. At about 21.00 protesters marched toward Kizilay Square where an estimated 50.000 protesters were attacked by police forces with water cannons, teargas and batons once more. It seems however, that the brutal, confrontational course chosen by Erdogan is not having the effect he may want to achieve. The clashes between police and protesters raged on for four full hours.
Also at about 21.00 o´clock about 20.000 people rallied in the Batikent district of Ankara and protests were reported from several other districts in the city. The strategy of disseminating protests into several districts is stressing the police forces and it becomes increasingly difficult for the police to crack down. As soon as a crowd is dispersed in one region, another protest flares up somewhere else, overwhelming the police´s ability to respond in a coordinated manner. Protests also continued in Istanbul."