Monday, June 23, 2014


"All the Sunni tribes have come out against Maliki"
Comment by Ben JonesBen Jones
2014-06-23 07:19:01
‘Whilst the instability in Iraq has connections to the Syrian conflict next door, and many individuals who fought for Isis in Syria are now present in Iraq, the Iraqi insurgency is more acutely focused on solving the problems of Iraq’s fractured polity than it is the goals of more radical Islamic groups.’
‘In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, member of the Batta tribe and leader of the Islamic Army of Iraq Sheikh Ahmad al Dabash stated: “All the Sunni tribes have come out against (Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri) Maliki.’
“There are parts of the military, Baathists from the time of Saddam Hussein, clerics, everyone (who) came out for the oppression that we have been suffering,” he added.’
‘To dismiss what is happening in Iraq as the product of the maniacal whims of a few radical fanatics is to ignore the very real social inequality that exists in Iraq.
Travelling around the country in recent days, I have been shocked at the levels of deprivation that some of Iraq’s citizens have endured.’
‘The grouping of fighters that has swept through Iraq to within 60km (40 miles) of the capital is not a nihilistic jihadist group hell bent on the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.’
‘It is a more general uprising by large groupings of disaffected communities throughout north-western Iraq and a product of years of social exclusion, poor governance and corruption by the Iraqi government.’
So why is the media hellbent on portraying this as one small group?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Judge who sentenced Saddam to death has been executed by Iraq revolutionaries

"There were reports the execution of Iraqi judge, Raouf Abdel-Rahman, who spent the same judgment on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, according to confirmed the pages on the social networking site, without official confirmation from the Iraqi government. The pages on social networking sites, including Page MP Jordanian Khalil Attieh on the site "Facebook" to "revolutionaries Iraqis arrested him and sentenced him to death in retaliation for the death of the martyr Saddam Hussein," he said, adding that Rauf tried to escape from Baghdad after wearing uniforms dancers.
"She page Izzat al-Douri, vice-president Saddam Hussein, the "Facebook" to the rebels Iraqis were able to arrest the Kurdish judge Rauf Rashid, who issued a death sentence against the former Iraqi leader, which is currently in the "grip of the soldiers of the Islamic State and the men of the Baath Party." She page address, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, "Judge Rauf Rashid in the grip of Mujahideen equipped Aahalki neck", in reference to al-Maliki, also falling in the hands of insurgents." اقرأ المقال الاصلى فى المصريون :[...]
Ed:Sorry I had trouble with the link, but the story is from from 18 June 2014.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


[LINK]"Following the Czech Prime Minister’s rejection of proposed NATO bases in his country, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico followed suit, rejecting the Slovakia is ready to meet its obligation as NATO member to host NATO bases or to have foreign troops stationed in the country.
On Tuesday Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said that the Czech Republic sees no need to allow a foreign military presence on Czech territory."