Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bani Walid, town in the Libya desert

[from leonor in libya; it is google-translated from Spanish so a bit awkward grammar]:

Bani Walid

It is a small town south of Tripoli, about 170m km. It was founded just over 30 years and has a population of about 100,000.

Geographically it is an oasis on a "dry river" for thousands of years. It is the cradle of an ancient tribe Warfalla and place of supply of Bedouins. Its basic production was the olive oil. Can still be seen almost a thousand plants throughout the city green outlines.

The arrival is through the road that connects it to Tripoli or next of Misurata. At the end of Bani Walid route follows the south and splits into or continues to Shebba Ghadames.

The population is mostly Muslim but there is a core of foreigners (Pakistanis, Indians, Russians, Ukrainians). Its main textile industry was the production of typical wool rugs, traditional Arab or non-woven carpeting stores.

It has a hotel "El Azeiruna" and since the start of privatization was transformed into a dynamic city. The task force is composed of foreigners, Libyans and Tuaregs.

People are very friendly, profess a great friendship and generosity. Over the past decade were built many houses that people can access loans very comfortable. The houses are large, on average 200 meters square and costs around 25,000 euros.

Life is quiet, smooth, everyone knows each other and form a tightly knit community.

Firms are family and the charges are distributed among family members.

Bani Walid could define a neighborhood of a European city in the desert.

It is curious to meet certain customs. If you are staying for some days at the hotel, not surprisingly, upon learning of his nationality cook him something "special" for you or receiving visits from someone who knows his country or speaks your language. You can even receive gifts that leave the hotel concierge and you never know who left them.

This small haven of peace and friendship now under criminal bombs who know nothing of humanity. They are destroying a population, forcing them to emigrate, torturing them with a lack of essential services, killing innocent women and children just because they want to live their own way and have the option to choose their leader.

This is Bani Walid, one of the last strongholds of freedom, dignity and courage. Whoever wants to understand the tests are clear. After 6 months of atrocities, terror, brutality, Bani Walid does not back down and continues to fight to defend the right to life.

Bani Walid was in my heart, I love that town. Martyrdom will not stop a few traitors can not violate the dignity of a people.

BANI WALID VIVA !!!!!!!!!!! To my brother, I have them present and suffer for them. Satan also someday find its end.

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