Saturday, December 17, 2011

Comment on a discussion about hacked drone in Iran

seek "Details of the hack have already appeared in the hacking circles. It was pretty simple (and simply brilliant.) It consisted of two jamming mechanisms. 1) Jammed primary communications link between drone and US controllers. This put the drone into a "go back home" mode. It's preprogrammed to fly back to a US controlled airport and automatically land on a long-term loss of communications. 2) (this is the fucking brilliant part) Using a known GPS vulnerability, a second set of jammers transmitted a replacement GPS signal that allowed Iran to skew the GPS-derived location at will (in essenence, transmitting their own localized GPS signal that results in incorrect, but controllable, positioning data.) The used #2 to make the drone think it was landing at its home base, when in reality it was landing in Iran. This is why the drone was in such good shape, it was executing a controlled landing in what it believed was friendly territory. Shame is the #2 vulnerability apparently was well known and documented years ago, and not corrected."

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