Tuesday, April 3, 2012

AAPL: Time to take the acorns and run, squirrel

Apple: $300 Or Less, Not $1,000 Or More
And maybe $100 or less. C'mon guys, where's your critical thinking skills. The lapping up of the Apple lovefest, fanboi hyperbolic chart mavens is disgusting. And wrong. And, if you stick with it too long, ruinous to your portfolio. Let's just be simple about it: Nearly every hyperbolic chart like this ends in a disaster. In fact, I challenge you find those that have not. Then there are the amusing predicates (EPS growth estimates) both for the next quarter, this year, and next year. This year, 59%. Next year, 13.7%. That doesn't quite fit with a near-doubling of the stock price does it? The $1,000 call is a call for a trillion dollar company -- by next year. Something like 2% of GLOBAL GDP and close to 7% of US GDP? Really? You believe that? If so, you're smoking something.

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