Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spain bailouts prompts a German rant

Comment thread at Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's Telegraph commentary:
Yesterday 08:22 PM
1) What so you WANT Merkel to DO exactly?
2) Have you SEEN the resports about the Spanish banks? The UTTER GREED, CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE involved here?
3) Can you tell mw WHY exactly Germany should pour good, hard-earned money into this bottomless cess-pit?
4) Can you tell me WHY I (who live in Germany) should have to accept higher inflation, the devaluing of my currency, to bail out these RECKLESS and CRIMINAL IDIOTS?
5) Greece was allowed into the eurozone ON A PACK OF UTTER LIES, prepared by Papademos, an ex ECB, GS crony who was later UNBELIEVABLY dumped onto the Greeks like some Nazi Gauleiter. Can you tell me WHY this man is not locked up for LIES and RECKLESS USE OF PUBLIC MONEY?
6) ALL REPUTABLE ECONOMISTS TOLD THE EU that the euro COULD NOT WORK, but they ignored it anyway for their own agenda, a Unitesd States of Europe that NO SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS VOTED FOR.
I am sick to death of these bailouts. THEAY ARE ALL ILLEGAL ACCORDING TO EU AND EUROZONE LAW. So is the ECB money-printing. Now moral pressure is being put on the Germans, who have paid HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS INTO THE EU over DECADES to allow Borroso and the rest of the elitist, cronyist scum to earn TWICE the salaries of national leaders and pay hardly any tax?
I have NEVER felt so angry about any of the usual lunatic stuff that politicians do as I do NOW. We are being led by the nose by a large number of quasi-fascist, elitist and cronist scum who LIE and BREAK THE LAW and who are STILL BEING RECKLESS WITH OUR MONEY. You'd think their being elected BY US gives them the right to do ANYTHING they want? The dumping of Papandreaou who wanted to hold a referendum on the euro was FASCIST and DISGUSTING. I have nothing but utter contempt for the lot of them and the UK would be FAR better off outside this sea of illegal idiiocy.
As would Germany, but the guilt from WWII is so deep that the rest can led them by the nose - including France. Oh yes - France .... now civil servants can retire at 60 again while the rest of us in Germany have to go on till 67. And you want ME to PAY for this?
As I said, they can GO TO HELL.
For the moment, Merkel is doing what the majority of her voters WANT her to do - that is NOT pour money into a black hole of corruption and idlness. Now THERE'S a novel thing ... DOING WHAT HER VOTERS WANT. Not the USUAL EU practice, is it? But how long she can withstand the tsunami of self-righteous crap from Hollande and the rest (including the CRETINOUS OBAMA (WHAT THE HELL BUSINESS IS IT OF HIS WHAT WE DO IN EUROPE?) is a moot point.
I FULLY expect to be royally stuffed by the EU elite in the coming months. SCUM - the lot of them.Write a comment...

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