Monday, March 18, 2013

CYPRUS: Prostestors rip down German flag at embassy

EXTRA: Cyprus protester rips down German flag at embassy Europe18.03.2013
"Nicosia (dpa) - An angry demonstrator in Cyprus on Monday ripped the German flag off its staff at the embassy in Nicosia and threw it onto the street, witnesses said. The man had emerged from among a crowd of about 400 protesters against new bank deposit levies demanded by international creditors as part of a bailout package. The protesters, carrying placards that read "No democracy," blamed Germany, the biggest EU economy and main paymaster, for the demand. A police officer picked up the flag and took it into the embassy. No diplomatic staff could be reached by phone. The demonstrators had first rallied outside parliament, where politicians were discussing the controversial measure, then moved to the presidential palace and the nearby embassy."

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