Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blair Demands Wider Middle East Warfare

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June 9, 2011
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Source: Independent

Britain and its allies should be ready to mount Libya-style interventions in other Arab countries, Tony Blair declares today.

The former Prime Minister, who committed British troops to military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, says that Europe and the United States must draw up a proper plan to support the so-called Arab Spring.

In a new introduction to the paperback version of his memoirs published today, Mr Blair says: “We need to have an active policy, be players and not spectators sitting in the sands, applauding or condemning as we watch. Like it or not, we have to participate.”

He argues that a Libya-style operation should take place only when regimes have “excluded a path to evolutionary change”. But he does raise the prospect of intervention in some circumstances in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Jordan.
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HootingEggplant 3 hours ago
How about a evolutionary change in England?
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ians87 5 hours ago
Hey Tony - f.o.a.d.; he'll figure it out.
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Spencer Italiano 8 hours ago
In other words, he wants world war three and British access to all the oil fields.

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